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Ancient traditional ideologies in African communities are founded on communal development. This has impacted ‘the African’ in the sense that he/she thinks of “We” rather than “I”. Therefore, to achieve Ridhika, Africans must ‘work together to grow together’. At CAJPHR, we strongly believe that growth in Africa can be achieved through widespread sensitization and capacity building. We strengthen the capacity of communities in the continent by helping them to come up with long lasting
solutions gearing towards development and Ridhika Afrika.
Our team is composed by more than 30 multicultural professionals in various fields, working for us in the Netherlands and remotely. We conduct legal outreach, provide education, create awareness, offer training, organize campaigns, and host events. Through the actions of these individuals and sponsors who have chosen to share our goals and pursue our interests, we also: Distribute books and other informative materials on peace, justice and human rights; Host activities on subjects related to our values, vision and mission; Invite experts and practitioners from different parts of the world to Africa, to build capacity of their contemporaries and exchange ideas on peace, justice and human rights.
By applying for charity to sponsor our projects in Africa, we were able to directly impact the lives of many people by successfully rebuilding sanitary facilities in African
educational centres, and donating materials to under-resourced communities such as seats, books and others.


Sexual Violence Team

The Sexual Violence Team falls under the Justice and Human Rights cluster of our Projects. It examines the issue of the Sexual Violence against the male gender in situations during and post armed conflicts. The Sexual Violence Team builds on international efforts to raise awareness of the use of sexual violence in conflict as a tool of war, specifically, where there are male victims as they are currently often overlooked in legal remedy. For further information about the team,

Capacity Building Team

Capacity Building is a process employed in most of the CAJPHR‘s initiatives, which aims to equip actors across Africa with the necessary resources to create sustainable solutions against criminal impunity for just & fair African societies.

Women Empowerment Team

CAJPHR organises events and workshops to train young women of African descent who have immigrated to Europe. The Project aims at providing them with tools to “Renew themselves, Re-state their goals, Re-brand their lives and Re-tell their stories”. The objective is to rekindle the spirit of excellence in the minds of women who have been victims of abuse and may be struggling to settle into their new environment. The women empowerment project is about building female agents of peace. For further information about the team,

Right to Quality Education Team

The Right to Quality Education Team and partners work with African stakeholders to provide essential school facilities for students in impoverished communities. We support communities that lack the infrastructure to provide a safe education environment for their students by building and upgrading existing school facilities. For further information about the team,

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team ensures that the work runs efficiently, and provide structure to our members so the Foundation can deliver high quality of work in promoting justice, peace and human rights. Among various tasks, our team of administrative and financial professionals is responsible for the management of human resources, account and finance, budgets, recruitment, and drafting reports. For further information about the team,

Social Media Team

This multi-disciplinary team supports all the CAJPHR activities, and works directly to the goal of
creating awareness about the African situation and challenges through our digital platforms. Among our efforts, the team is enrolled in creating virtual designs, promoting events, publishing magazines, structuring quotes for international celebrations, posting social media content, recording / editing videos, and managing the Foundation’s website. For further information about the team, 


Sophia Ugwu - Chairperson

Sophia is the Founder of the Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights. She is a lawyer admitted to practice at the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2008. She has been in active legal practice in Nigeria, for over 5 years. For more information,

Takeh Sendze - Treasurer

Takeh Sendze is a Cameroonian born lawyer. He is a member of the Cameroon Bar Association, the New York Bar Association, and the Pan African Lawyers Union. For more information,

Adesola Adeboyejo - Secretary

Adesola Adeboyejo is a Trial Lawyer at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court. She had also worked with the Victims Participation and Reparations Section of the Registry of the Court. For more information


Faculty of Law at the NOVA University of Lisbon