Capacity Building Team

Capacity Building Team

Capacity Building is a process employed in most of the CAJPHR‘s initiatives, which aims to equip actors across Africa with the necessary resources to create sustainable solutions against criminal impunity for just & fair African societies.


Our Vision is to help create a conflict-free Africa enforcing equal rights and freedom for one & all.


Our mission is to enable and empower criminal justice actors/stakeholders across Africa to investigate and prosecute violations of International Criminal & Humanitarian Law within the domestic jurisdictions.


The Capacity Building Programme forms an atmosphere built on the principles of Justice, Accountability, Neutrality, Rule of Law and respect for Human Rights.

The strategic positioning of the CAJPHR in The Hague helps in acting as an intermediary between the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the African state actors. By being in direct contact with the ICC, the capacity building department at the Centre imbibes the knowledge and skills from the Court, its resources & subsidiaries and aims to impart the African state actors with the same knowledge and skills; thereby, indirectly advocating and capacitating them to prosecute the Human Rights violations in their own national jurisdictions.

True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.

  • Conducting training, seminars & study visits vis-a-vis legal students, professionals, judges & court staff.
  • Creating networking solutions vis-a-vis grant organisations, legal experts, organisations sharing the common goal.
  • Producing knowledge vis-a-vis International Criminal & Humanitarian Law through research projects, publications, video content.
  • Beneficiaries across Africa & Europe who stand to benefit directly from the programme. Legal students, professionals, judges & court staff.
  • Stakeholders across Africa & Europe who do not stand to benefit directly from the programme. General public, non-project partners, community groups in programme countries, governmental agencies, activists working towards the same cause.
  • First Phase (2020-22): Abuja, Nigeria
  • Second Phase (2021-23): Kampala, Uganda & Lusaka, Zambia
  • Identify, communicate with Stakeholders & Beneficiaries in the target country.
  • Organise training, seminars, conferences, study visits, create awareness & produce knowledge.
  • Post training initiatives, frequent workshops & campaigns to have long lasting impact.
“If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table. Not a taller fence”

Rishi Taneja
Project Manager