Sophia is the Founder of Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights. She is a lawyer admitted to practice at the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2008. She has been in active legal practice in Nigeria, for over 5 years. Sophia is interested in International criminal law, Human rights and Commercial law. In 2015, she earned a masters degree in commercial law from Erasmus University Rotterdam under the sponsorship of Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). She also earned a certificate in Private international law from The Hague Academy of International Law.

Sophia has worked as a legal intern at the International Criminal Court and the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (UNICTY). She was part of the team promoting soci-cultural integration of refugees in the Netherlands and she worked with the ‘Refugee integration project team to organise forum events, in collaboration with the Department of International Studies of Leiden University, The Hague Campus.

Sophia has volunteered for national and international NGO’s promoting Peace, justice, Corporate responsibility to respect Human Rights, Economic development in Africa, and the protection of rights of women and children in the world. She was a delegate to the United Nations Forum for Business and Human Rights held at UN office Geneva in 2015. Based on her nomination by an NGO, she participated in the Forum where she made valuable contributions to many human rights issues including the protection of developing countries from corporate abuse of human rights.