At Centre for African Justice, Peace and Human Rights, we empower women who’ve migrated from Africa or different home countries to the Netherlands and are disillusioned or helpless, to the point it manifests incapacity to achieve their life/career goals. We also empower female entrepreneurs within the Netherlands who are encountering challenges setting up their small business with little or no knowledge about the Dutch Market. We achieve this by providing and connecting them with the tools that would enable them to achieve their highest potentials in life. 

Our Research has shown that migration whether positive or negative has side effects on women. Many female migrants and refugees are exposed to unspeakable challenges; some of them have become victims of identity crisis, sexual and domestic abuse. No doubt, these dwindles their chances of having a successful career and a fulfilled life. In the same vein, lack of mentorship, information, coaching and motivation in the face of these challenges has caused women residing in foreign lands to drop out of school, go into drugs or alcohol, give into trauma, depression and other forms of mental or psychological situations.
The unique methods employed by Centre for African Justice in reaching out to broken women is the use of women to empower women. We believe that there are many reasons why women are in a better position to empower, motivate and lift up other women. Based on this, we use very successful and
influential Women as tools for motivating and coaching younger ones to keep focus and achieve their dreams. 

As our Long-term goal, we organize workshops / training programs for the empowerment and capacity building of women especially in the domain of entrepreneurship. Through this, we hope to enhance economic growth and strengthen the sustainability of development initiatives undertaken by female entrepreneurs. We have successfully organized a 4R women empowerment conference in 2019 (Renew your mind, Restate your goals, Rebrand your life and Retell your story), aimed at empowering women, creating opportunities to enable them become exposed to diverse information and tools which will help them achieve their highest potentials in life.


Our vision is to empower women who have low self-esteem, inferiority-complex, into entrepreneurship and are generally helpless in their present location outside their home countries. We intend to create platforms where they are reminded that no matter what they have been through in life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

We have two sections of the women empowerment project which are the following:

This project also aims at grooming young women to become agents of peace in the society. As Peace is the foundation of every society, we use our Women Empowerment Project as an avenue to empower young African women to become instruments/agents of peace in the society while striving to achieve their highest potentials in life. At our events, women are trained to perform impressive roles as peace builders and peace keepers for the benefit of their immediate society and the world at large.


We aim to empower women through education. We would like to give opportunities and resources to the women in Africa who have no access to them as we believe that this is for their good and betterment of society.  To achieve this, we partner with primary schools, secondary schools and Universities in the Netherlands to collect second-hand books on their grounds and deliver the books to schools in Africa. In order to help educate less-privileged women in need of academic support.

Our target group for this project is: Single mothers in Africa between age 18-30 that would like to begin or continue their studies but do not have the means to do so. As well as schools in Africa that lacks the resources to educate their pupils due to economic restraints or due to the geo-locations of their schools.


Our mission of the women empowerment project is to re-kindle the spirit of excellence in the minds of women through: Capacity-Building, Empowering and providing resources to achieve sustainable business developments and Peace-building.