Financial Policies

Remuneration Policy 

The Board of Directors of the Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights (CAJPHR) and the workers/members of CAJPHR do not receive any salary for their work. All workers at our NGO operate on a pro-bono basis, as volunteers. Our remuneration policy is designed to encourage the culture of charity and voluntary work as a means of contributing to intellectual, human and international development. It also helps to reduce the cost of project management as high project management costs may have a negative impact on partners and beneficiaries. This policy helps our NGO to avoid conflicts of interest and focus on the interest of the beneficiaries of our work.

Declaring Expenses and Reimbursements

Although very rare, CAJPHR members and volunteers are allowed to declare prior agreed expenses that involve eligible project activity or project organisation costs that have been advanced. To be applicable, such project expenses must have been anticipated, discussed and approved by the Team Management before and after making it. Such expenses include but are not limited to costs for international telephone calls, costs for printing materials, and other third-party payment reimbursements. Luckily, following due consideration, some members prefer not to request reimbursement as their personal contributions to our causes. 

Income Policy

Centre for African Justice is a non-profit organisation that relies on the goodwill of its stakeholders to keep its activities going. CAJPHR exclusively counts on voluntary donations from its Board Members, partners and stakeholders – including corporate entities and private individuals to finance its projects, events and administrative operations. For the present Right to Quality Education Project which involves the construction of sanitation facilities in a Uganda-based primary school, CAJPHR is specifically fundraising under the GlobalGiving platform and all income received will be duly expended for this purpose. CAJPHR does not charge membership dues.