Child Soldiers and the Case of Dominic Ongwen

By Júlia Miragall Mas (Project Manager, Sexual Violence Team) And Kornelija Zilionyte (Legal Researcher, Sexual Violence Team)   Introduction Many children are used as a weapon in various armed conflicts. These children are recruited, trained, often forced and tortured, or even hired voluntarily when feeling that there is no other

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Fair Fashion at Its Finest: The Story of Nelly Otenyo Ibis

By: Katrina Sietina   FAIR FASHION AT ITS FINEST: THE STORY OF NELLY OTENYO IBIS Nowadays, fair fashion has become somewhat of a distinguished term that is being used ambiguously by the fashion industry. Though, the question that arises is often regarded as to the essence of how fair fair

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Girls’ Education in Nigeria

By Selma Nawrozzada   GIRLS’ EDUCATION IN NIGERIA   One of the most significant tools to empower girls within their family and community is education. Education is recognized as a fundamental human right. Gender inequality in education however remains a huge concern. Despite several national and international legal instruments such as

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