Financial Policy

Financial Policy

The interest of Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights is to enrich the lives of people in Africa and around the world in a variety of ways by creating a wide array of benefits to society through the promotion of peace , justice and human rights. As a nonprofit, the Foundation has no means of making financial gain from her transactions. Thus to pursue her very broad objectives, the Foundation solely relies on financial contributions through donations from good spirited individuals, Foundation grants, Corporate contributions and Government grants among other charitable sources.

At Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, we aim to raise our level of transparency, accountability, and effectiveness, to foster excellent delivery in projects and inspire trust in the human society which forms 80 percent of her donors.

As a Foundation whose Board members are all lawyers with over 10 years of legal experience and in view of the fact that we work to enhance the visibility of peace, justice and human rights , we as a Foundation are bound to embrace fundamental values such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, compassion, responsibility, and transparency. At all times therefore, the Board ensures that the Foundations financial and nonfinancial resources are used in furtherance of the objectives of the Foundation.

To achieve excellence, Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights has set up a sound financial and operational system with the aim of ensuring that accurate financial records are kept. The Foundation conducts periodic financial reviews to address accuracy and transparency of financial reporting. This is internally considered an expedient safeguard to protect the integrity of the Board Members, Advisory Council Members, Committee Members and Volunteers who are Professionals of high repute that have invested diverse resources in building and enhancing the work of the Foundation.

At Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, the responsibility for resource management is shared by the Board and some Committee Members. The Foundations resource development policies is consistent with the Foundations mission, it is compatible with the Foundations organizational capacity, and respectful of the interests of donors and prospective donors. We operate in accordance with the laws of The Kingdom of The Netherlands and as a result are obligated to publish an annual financial report on our website and we pledge to keep to the existing rules in every respect regarding financial accountability.

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